The Zodiac Killer probably went by more than one name to elude being caught over time. I believe one of his aliases was the name George.

When adding up many of the clues the zodiac has left over time to tease us with his name you find certain things that when linked together  tell a story.  I have linked a bunch of pieces together that lead to the name George. Is it possible this is one of the names that he could  have used over the years?  I believe he has probably changed his name over time more than once to evade detection as well as to keep us guessing. What if he had given us clues to his current name along with a future name he planned to use  within the same clues? This would keep people struggling to detect who he really is. What if he also had a secret pal helping him and also added his name in the mix? These are a couple of my theories.

I was first clued in to the link to the name George while looking into the  1990 Eureka Christmas Card. This card might tie one of my theories together.



The Eureka card was sent much later than many of his other cards.

Learn about the Eureka Christmas Card here.

While researching this card I had noticed it was harder to link the previous code work of the names and initials I had found on the Halloween Card right away. Although I was eventually able to find the link to the name Frank yet again as well as Jack.  So I wanted to figure out why this card seemed a little different than the others and started looking for  another connection and did some digging.

Find my partial solution for the Halloween Card here.

In the Christmas card he clues you in to the letter G with imagery as well as what is written within the card. The main focal point of the text is the letter G.






I believe the Zodiac Killer used techniques of steganography and pareidolia when creating his codes. Looking at the imagery with an artists eye you can depict G’s within the art.

g christmas cardThe card even leaves out the G at the end of the word Guessing. Instead it says “Guessin’!” Also if you count the letters of the word “Guessin” you get the number 7. Counting from the letter A in the alphabet, the seventh letter is a G.

One of the other things to note on this card is the snowman is wearing glasses.


But these aren’t just any glasses. They are called Groucho Glasses.

Groucho glasses, also known as nose glasses or the beaglepuss, are a humorous novelty disguise which function as a caricature of the stage makeup used by the comedian Groucho Marx in his movies and vaudeville performances. They typically consist of black frames (either round or horn-rimmed) with attached features including bushy eyebrows, a large plastic nose, bushy moustache, and sometimes a plastic cigar. Considered one of the most iconic and widely used of all novelty items in the world, Groucho glasses were first marketed in the early 1940s[1] and are instantly recognizable to people throughout the world.

After finding that these glasses were based off of the character Groucho Marx I started researching him as well.

Julius HenryGrouchoMarx (/ˈɡr/; October 2, 1890 – August 19, 1977) was an American comedian, writer, stage, film, radio, and television star.[1] A master of quick wit, he is widely considered one of America’s greatest comedians.[2]

He made 13 feature films with his siblings the Marx Brothers, of whom he was the third-born. He also had a successful solo career, most notably as the host of the radio and television game show You Bet Your Life.[1]

His distinctive appearance, carried over from his days in vaudeville, included quirks such as an exaggerated stooped posture, glasses, cigar, and a thick greasepaint mustache and eyebrows. These exaggerated features resulted in the creation of one of the world’s most recognizable and ubiquitous novelty disguises, known as Groucho glasses: a one-piece mask consisting of horn-rimmed glasses, a large plastic nose, bushy eyebrows and mustache.[3]

One of the things I came across is Groucho’s main sidekick George Watt Fenneman.

He is most remembered as the announcer and good-natured sidekick for Groucho Marx‘s comedy/quiz show vehicle You Bet Your Life, which began in 1947 on radio and moved to television in 1950, where it remained on NBC for 11 years.

I also found the name Frank Vincent Ferrante that is linked to Groucho Marx.

Frank Vincent Ferrante (born April 26, 1963) is an American stage actorcomedian and director known for his stage portrayals of the legendary American comedian Groucho Marx in the Arthur Marx/Robert Fisher play Groucho: A Life in Revue and in An Evening With Groucho, which tours internationally.

So Frank portrayed Groucho’s character. This was very interesting to me as it had linked the name Frank that matched one of the names (Frankie Bannan) that I had already decoded in the Zodiac Killers Halloween Card. In fact the name Frank keeps coming up everywhere I look with the clues the Zodiac Killer has left.

So now we have found all of this information but what does it mean and how is it connected? Let’s take a look at one more thing that was sent with the Eureka Christmas Card.

Sent with the card was a xerox photo of an image of two keys.


Two keys could be code for you need two keys to crack my name.

Some keys are also known as skeleton keys.

Hmm. Two Keys…. Two Skeletons?

Looking back to his previous cards that are similar to the Eureka Card and you find the Halloween Card. In both of these he taunts you about his name. They both also say from your secret pal.

Two cards…two keys. Could this be the link?

Let’s take a closer look and see what we can find.

1 Halloween Card

Learn more about the Halloween Card here.


One of the links I made that connects the Eureka card with the Halloween card is the Comic Book by Tim Holt. This comic book has been linked to the zodiac killer. It is said to be an inspiration for  his work on the 1970 Halloween Card.

Let’s look at the Tim Holt’s Issue #30 Lady Doom Comic Book. 


It would seem the Lady Doom comic is all about a wheel of torture and death.

Going back to the information we obtained earlier about Groucho Marx and George Fenneman, they worked on a show together called You Bet Your Life.

You Bet Your Life is an American comedy quiz series that aired on both radio and television.[1] The original and best-known version was hosted by Groucho Marx of the Marx Brothers, with announcer and assistant George Fenneman. The show debuted on ABC Radio on October 27, 1947, then moved to CBS Radio debuting October 5, 1949, before making the transition to NBC-TV and NBC Radio on October 4, 1950. Because of its simple format, it was possible to broadcast the show simultaneously on radio and television. The last episode in its radio format aired on June 10, 1960. On television, however, the series continued for another year, debuting in its final season on September 22, 1960, and with a new title, The Groucho Show.

The game after a certain point started using a spinning wheel similar to that in the comic book. On the back of the Halloween Card the Zodiac Killer also wrote a similar method down in code that is linked to the spinning wheels.

1957–1959 – Winning couples now faced a wheel with numbers from 1–10, selecting one number for $10,000. If the number selected was spun, a correct answer to the jackpot question augmented the team’s total winnings to that amount; otherwise, the question was worth a total of $2,000

Left Picture: Groucho Marx with spinning wheel.

Center Picture: Tim Holt’s Issue #30 Comic Book.

Right Picture: The back of the Halloween Card from the Zodiac Killer

So where do we go from here? Let’s do a little more research.

If you look at page #8 and #9 of the comic book you see the REDMASK is placed on an actual wheel of torture.



On page #9 I also noticed REDMASK is freed By a Knife! This could be a clue to part of the Halloween Card solution for those interested.

Through some of my research while I was working on the Halloween Card I believe the Zodiac Killer was trying to depict himself as REDMASK by showing his initials (F.B.) within the skeleton that had the red mask. The second skeleton on the card I believe is his Secret Pal which also had the initials (J.B.) on the skeleton.

Linking the wheel of torture to the name George.

The information I was left to go off of were a couple of names and wheels of death and torture. Trying to make a link with this information and this is what I found.

Here is depicted Saint George being tortured upon a wheel.

YSt. George being tortured on the wheel, from Decani Monastery

Learn more about Saint George on the wheel here.

This one clue alone is not much to go on so i did a little more digging about Saint George and I found other interesting links associated with things the Zodiac Killer sent over time.

The Zodiac Killer would use a symbol of a circle with a cross as part of his signature.crosshairs

Saint George is well known for Saint George’s Cross.

Symbols associated with St George. St George’s Cross is a red cross on a white background, (red as the colour of blood symbolizing the martyr)

Here he is depicted with his shield and cross.

Byzantine icon of Saint George, Athens, Greece.

The term “Saint George’s cross” was at first associated with any plain Greek cross touching the edges of the field (not necessarily red on white).[66] Thomas Fuller in 1647 spoke of “the plain or St George’s cross” as “the mother of all the others” (that is, the other heraldic crosses)

Another card the Zodiac Killer Left us with is the 1970 Dragon Card.


Learn more about the Dragon Card here.

This card was received in the mail on April 28th in 1970. It just so happens that Saint George’s Day is celebrated on the 23rd of April, only five days before this card was received.

First notice the bag being carried on the donkey. It is also similar to saint george’s cross symbol.

Saint George is also well known for being the slayer of dragons.

Saint George Killing the Dragon, 1434/35, by Bernat Martorell

The traditional iconography of George is based on his most famous miracle – the killing of the dragon. As narrated in the Golden Legend by Jacobus de Voragine (also known as Legenda Aurea by Jacopo da Varagine), the event is well-known: Selem is besieged by a horrible monster and, to keep it away from the Libyan town, the citizens drew lots to decide whom among the youngest in town to sacrifice to the monster. As the daughter of the king has to be sacrificed, St. George appears riding his horse and he manages to neutralise the dragon (the scene immortalized by artists). He then invites the princess to rope the dragon, now domesticated, to lead it into the town: witnessing this prodigious event, the king and the whole population converted to Christianity and, at the end, the dragon is killed.

Learn more about Saint George the dragon slayer here.

I also researched Saint George and crossbones together in google as I found they were both depicted on the Dragon Card.

What I found was an interesting historical location. I’m not sure it has any relevance for the Dragon Card itself but it was definitely something that got my attention and I feel the need to share it.

St. George’s Castle – Elmina – Ghana

Elmina Castle was erected by the Portuguese in 1482 as São Jorge da Mina (St. George of the Mine) Castle, also known simply as Mina (or Feitoria da Mina) in present-day Elmina, Ghana (formerly the Gold Coast).

The things that make this place so interesting are all the things that it is linked to and how they seem to coincide with the Dragon Card in a way as well as the Saint George reference and the slaves altogether in one.

A door leading into the cells with a skull and crossbones. Cannons on the edges of the Castle.

Life and Death at Elmina Castle during the Slave Trade

Thousands of slaves, both men and women, were chained outside and forced to stand in the blazing sun. They could be made to lift heavy cannonballs as punishment and women were often raped by the guards.

The last thing I found was a post by Monster of Florence that actually found the G in the Halloween Card..


On the left is the Zodiac Killers initials written on the envelope of his Halloween Card.

On the right is how the initials link to the letter G.

Found from The Monster of Florence’s post. While the original post seems to be gone i will leave a link to one of his blogs that is similar here.

Hidden in the symbol on the left there is a Yodh.The tenth letter of the semitic alphabets (j) is the ancestor of the english JAY. It sounds like the “J” of Jesus.

Zodiac used a couple of alphabets easy to find in a well-stocked library: Phoenician and Braille alphabets.As you can see here, there are no doubts on the fact that the four dots drawn by Zodiac in braille mean “I-E”.AT DOES IT MEAN “GIEI”? JAY

The strange “V” grapheme is a composition of two phoenician letters: Gimel and Yodh – which is well recognizable even if it has been twisted (it is the third twisted letter in this postcard …). Gimel is the latin letter G. In the Latin alphabet Yodh corresponds to I or J (long I). According to the position of the letters in Braille, the word written by Zodiac is: G-i-e-i (G-i-e-y or G-i-e-j).​

Italian readers have already understood.
For an italian speaker is really easy understand what Zodiac wrote. It is not the acronym of a mysterious american agency, but the spelling in Italian of Gei [dʒeɪ], also known in English as Jay. According to the standards of the International Phonetic Alphabet (thanks for having helped me, Cris Vienna of imostridifirenze) the spelling of the letter Gei (Jay) in Italian is: [dʒɪ] + [e] + [ɪ].

The strange “V” grapheme is a composition of two phoenician letters: Gimel and Yodh – which is well recognizable even if it has been twisted (it is the third twisted letter in this postcard …). Gimel is the latin letter G. In the Latin alphabet Yodh corresponds to I or J (long I). According to the position of the letters in Braille, the word written by Zodiac is: G-i-e-i (G-i-e-y or G-i-e-j).​

An Italian speaking spell GEI “GI-E-I”, like the word written by the Zodiac killer.
Secondly, with this symbol Zodiac also made a wordplay in Italian, in fact the word he drawn can also mean “sweet G”. In fact “Gi and I” = [dʒɪ] = G.​

In short, the symbol of Zodiac in Italian can mean J (Jesus) and G (Gesù). It can be the J of Joseph or the G of Giuseppe, like the name of the man I charged (as citizen, as friend) for his responsability in the murders of the Monster of Florence.
Am I wrong, Joe?

Quoted from the original post by Monster of Florence.

Now lets looks at the “I.E.” together in Latin terms which was brought to my attention by Rubislaw32.

I.e.’s Latin origin is the phrase id est, which translates to English as “that is to say” or “in other words.” Here’s a trick to remember this: associate the I of i.e. with the I of “in other words.” Alternately, imagine that the I and E stand for “in essence.”

So if this symbol means both the letter B (from a previous blog found here) as well as the Latin term for I.E. then maybe it is meant to be used in this way…

G i.e. B   –  George  i.e. Bannan

( Bannan was a last name found in a previous posting)

The J listed within Monster of Florence’s post also draws me back to another theory I have about the Zodiac killer. Another post I made about the name Jack. I believe the Zodiac Killer had a secret pal helping him named Jack / John and you can find a link to that post here.

J i.e. B   –  Jack/John i.e. Bannan


If you take the name George Bannan to the My name letter that came with a bomb diagram then the name fits within the anagram.

(Bannan is a last name I have decoded within the Halloween Card)

Learn more about the My Name Is Letter and Bomb Diagram here.


The target symbol is left out because I believe it is similar to a wild card. The message now says “G Banon Enrage”.

Now if you go by the rules of the bomb diagram page where the target symbol = 10 then you do get (G Bannon Enrage)

Found on the bottom of the Bomb Diagram Page.


If you research the Bannan name you find out that Banon and Bannon are also part of the heritage of the name.


Before I go I will leave you with one more recent post that I came across. It’s an interesting card that was as posted to a forum in 2016 by Balloon.Captain.66 on a very specific date. Could this mean the Zodiac Killer is still alive?

ballooncaptian66 posted it at Zkillermystery.

Original posts found here and here.

While this card obviously looks Photoshopped it makes you wonder. Could the Zodiac Killer have updated his skills over time and sent something new or is this just someone messing around? The first thing I noticed when scanning this over I saw all of the initials I had already found within his works. At the bottom I see the initials J.F.G. (The J is backwards) I also see the word George within the text where it says Goose Chase under where The Zodiacs Cipher name is supposed to be from a previous code he left us. (The My Name is letter.) Which I had decoded part of as well and got the name Bannan F or G. along with his secret pal listed as J.

The one thing that makes this card seem like a definite prank is the fact that the brail on the bottom right spells out the word NERD.

Find my work on the My Name is letter here.


While the name George is just one of many theories out there it is something to think about. I hope you ponder this over with an open mind. It is an odd set of coincidences. And if we keep our thoughts and ideas within a box of limited thinking then we are closing ourselves off to the answers that may be true.

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