Looking at the initials in the Zodiacs Halloween Card and what connections I made to find out what the initials actually stand for.

Looking at the symbolism of the initials and the connections I made. I wanted to share  what I found on the initials in the Halloween card and how they are actually in the card twice and not just at the bottom of the inside of the card.

1 Halloween Card.jpg

Learn more about the Halloween card here.

First let’s look at the Initials themselves.


Alone the imagery looks like it could be an upside down L connected to an F with 4 separated dots. But what does this mean? Can we find any connections to give us any clues?

I believe I found the connections.

Let’s look at the envelope the Halloween card was sent in and I’ll show you something I saw.

High Res Halloween Card EnvelopeHere we see the envelope the Zodiac Killer sent his Halloween card in.  It was sent to a Paul Avery. Notice that he misspelled Avery and the name says Averly instead. Was this on purpose? He also underlined a small portion, but why?

Let’s look closer at the letter L that he used.

I noticed something and then I connected them together because they are all similar.


The misspelling of the name Avery drew my attention to find this strange connection. All of the L’s are strangely positioned directly over dots. If we use the dots they can actually become exclamation points instead. But why is this important and what is it drawing attention to?

Let’s look at the inside of the Halloween card.

1 Halloween Card exclamation.jpg

If you line up these three exclamation points they are in very similar locations to what was on the envelope. But what is he drawing attention to here?

Let’s see what the exclamation points are attached to.

1 Halloween Card B.jpg

The first two sentences start with a capital B and end with an exclamation point.

The sentence below does not but the exclamation point is partially covered by the skeletons legs.

Let’s look closer at the legs.

legs B.jpg

Strangely the legs that are covering the third exclamation point are actually shaped like a capital B. The B itself is lying on it’s back.

Finding codes in numbers to see if the B matches

The two words behind the legs “Happy Halloween!” could also symbolize the number two. Counting to B in the alphabet from A to B equals 2.

So now we have three B’s connecting all of the exclamation points found on the envelope. Interesting.

But now how does the line from the envelope fit in?

What if it is similar to connect the dots?

When I took a line and connected the top two dots I noticed something interesting while I was thinking about the B’s from earlier.



The line from dot to dot made me see the connection. If we look at the eyes on the skeleton and count those as dots then we see the same layout as in the signature he used.



Closer inspection and you also notice that the arms and wording on the skeleton itself also match the entire signature.all symbols in skeleton.jpg4

The signature is in two places on the card and I have now already found a connection to what the dots mean.

If my clues were right then these dots are the symbol for the Letter B.b dots 2

legs B

Figuring out the next symbol.

If the wording in “Happy Halloween!” was code for the letter B then maybe we can find a clue from the amount of wording that is in the first sentence for one of the other symbols we found earlier.

Let’s look at how many words are in the sentence.


“But, then, why spoil the game!” is six words.

If we count to six in the alphabet from A then we get the letter F.

Interestingly one of our symbols actually looks exactly like an F. And we had to use that specific sentence to form our f symbol as well.


But are their any other connections to confirm this as an F?

I did find two more using light.

When you place the card on a light projector this is what you see.

F Light

A capital F shines through right next to the arm that symbolizes F. The hand actually points at the letter.

Let’s look closer at the back of the Halloween card.


What I noticed is the dot in the i in the word Fire is actually positioned directly next to the F as if it is stating this is the initial F.

And if we also look at the sentence we used to create the F through light you see this.

sign language F

The 3 dots and a B are directly under the 3 fingers which the hand also looks like it is showing a b coincidentally. And what are hand symbols when used by people? In sign language this is the sign for F.

It is also showing the F and B symbols together as if they are intertwined as initials F.B.

In conclusion we now have multiple ways that this is showing us an F.

Before I go to the next letter in the Zodiac’s initials I will show you another connection I made.

Let’s look at Tim Holt’s issue #30 Comic Book

The comic book is said to be connected to the Halloween card due to it’s similarity of the death wheel and more. The Zodiac Killer supposedly used it for inspiration to create his card.

Tahoe27 originally found the connection between the Halloween card and the comic book and posted it to Zodiackiller.com found here.

When looking for a clue to the Zodiac’s initials you find similar initials on page one of Tim Holt’s Issue #30 Comic Book

Initials tim holt and lady doom

Strangely you automatically see the initials F.B. staring you in the face. The w in the center is extremely similar to dots in the Zodiac’s initials but upside down. Although these ones are connected with lines similar to how we connected our dots earlier. I had never seen this comic before I had decoded the Halloween card. This was just a weird coincidence. Seeing this makes me believe I may be on the right track.

Now let’s see who the artist for the comic book actually is.

Frank Bolle Artist of Lady Doom

Frank Bolle – Comic Book Artist

Well this is interesting. The first name and last initial matched the name I had fully decoded in my Halloween card originally. I have also found the name Frank in more connections than just this one through the Halloween card. The coincidences just keep adding up. Take a look at my other blogs to see more connections.

Let’s look at the name I decoded through a much longer process than just finding the letters for the initials.

frankie bannan

The way the code was laid out to get these names was first he introduced the name f. bannAn in the beginning of the code on the front of the card. When I placed these two cards together I had instantly seen that Frankie was almost nearly in the same placing of letters. The only difference was a few letters were off. But when I used the N as well as the reverse N as wild cards for switching and reversing letters it ended up matching the name perfectly in place.

Now let’s look at the September-October 1943 Red Ryder Comic #15 as well as the 1952 Red Ryder Paint Book.

The Red Ryder comic is about a character called Red Ryder and his sidekick Little Beaver. The artist is known as Fred Harman.

These two comics are also said to be used as the Zodiac’s inspiration for the Halloween Card. The reason is due to the symbol on the covers of these two comics. It is almost identical to the one on the Halloween Card except these ones have a line on the bottom.



The symbol is known as the Flying VF Bar Cattle Brand

More info

I noticed that on the paint book their is a RR symbol above the other symbol also very similar to the way the signature was on the Tim Holt Comic. The RR makes me think of the B. If you look at the negative shape on the bottom of the RR it shows as an upside down W.

Let’s look at all of the symbol’s together for context.

all initials togetherb dots 2

If these were the clues he actually left for us to find for the initials, when you put them all together as one you can see how the B is formed. The W from the Tim Holt comic is reversed in the Halloween card and the line under the Red Rider symbol connected to it then forms a B.

Let’s Look at the Last symbol

When looking for the J I did have some trouble finding all of the clues right away. I feel this is because it is a separate identity from the first one. Their are two skeletons in this card and I believe he is labeling one of them as The Zodiac Killer, Frank Bannan as the red mask and the other is his Secret Pal, Jack Bannan the Red Ryder.

Let’s look at some of the more obvious clues I came across first.

Looking at the last arm symbol through light this is what you find.

J light

The Reverse N plays a role with the arm through light.

I believe the Zodiac shows a reverse N in his card to tell you that this is a wild card, similar to what you would find in a card game. Anytime you come across an N within his card they have special powers. The way this N shows itself is reversed. So if we reverse the arm we now have a symbol that looks more like a J instead of an L.

Looking back at the Red Ryder comic book symbols from earlier, reversing them the same way and this is what you find.


The line that was at the bottom now creates a capital J symbol.

So the Tim Holt comic book labeled the F.B. plain as day and this one Labels the J when reversed. Altogether they both labeled the B.

This also made me think of the symbols the Zodiac left on the envelope to the Halloween card as well. The z symbol is positioned similarly as well. I flipped it for a quick look in similarity.

envelope zodiac sig

Looking back to the drawn line on the envelope under Paul Avery’s name and when you flip the envelope you see this.

envelope J

Trying to find the  J through numbered code.

This is where I found some trouble as all I had left to go off of was (BOO!) from the last sentence connected to the exclamation point we had used for the initials. I did find something that adds up though as one more exclamation point is available but seems to be separated from the others.

BOO! does not add up to the letter J as the other sentences had worked previously for their words. While looking for the next clue to point me in the right direction, I noticed that the J symbol arm of the skeleton is actually pointing with one finger.


It points straight toward the Peek-A-Boo phrase.

Since Boo! was the last clue and the J actually points to another sentence that says Boo, could this be what we need?



The first thing I noticed with this sentence is when I counted all of the words like before I got the number 6 which is = to the letter F again strangely. When counting from A in the alphabet 6 times you get F. The eye that is circled by this sentence is actually staring straight at the other sentence which I showed earlier as an F.eye stare

But how do you find a J with this, it’s just another F?

My thought is that you are supposed to stop at the BOO like it is labeled.

PEEK-A-BOO is actually separated from the bottom half of the sentence and under the left arm of the skeleton it just says BOO!

Counting all of the letters in PEEK-A-BOO along with the dashes instead of the words themselves you get the number 10. Counting from A in the alphabet to ten you get the letter J.

Finding the J in similarity as well as imagery.

Looking for more clues to back this up as a J I came across the symbol in the other skeleton except this one is facing the opposite way. If you simply flip the card upside down you see the J immediately.

J in skeleton

I also noticed the symbol itself is right on top of the pumpkin. This pumpkin was added to the original card by the Zodiac. Thinking about the sentence from before, PEEK-A-BOO and the fact that this is a Halloween card it makes me think of pumpkins as Jack-o-lanterns which also starts with a J. The fact that there is an eye in the center of the Peek-A-Boo and that to make a Jack-o-lantern you have to carve eyes out is another added clue.


Some might think that this is a stretch for the J but I have pieced other clues together that show the name Jack multiple times.

Also here is an interesting chart of the Evolution of the Alphabet showing how the symbols in the signature can actually make the same letters I have come by. Sources here.


In conclusion I believe that the Zodiac actually shows that their are two suspects and not just one.


two suspects.jpg

Their are two skeletons and the words secret pal are above one. He has a friend or a relative which I believe is named Jack.

One of the things that can also tie this together is the 4 dots within the signature which I have labeled as the B initial.

When you look up the 4 dots in braille you find that the first two dots resemble the letter I and and the last two resemble the letter E.

i   e



Now lets looks at the “I.E.” together in Latin terms which was brought to my attention by Rubislaw32.

I.e.’s Latin origin is the phrase id est, which translates to English as “that is to say” or “in other words.” Here’s a trick to remember this: associate the I of i.e. with the I of “in other words.” Alternately, imagine that the I and E stand for “in essence.”

So if this symbol means both the letter B as well as the Latin term for I.E. then maybe it is meant to be used in this way…

J  i.e. B   –  Jack  i.e. Bannan

F i.e. B   –  Frank i.e. Bannan

If you would like to see other links I have made to these initials or the names I have come to the conclusion on, I have been piecing together more blogs to show the connections.

While I am still finding new links often I do not have them all written down as of yet, so here is what is available atm.

Links to Jack. – Jack and John may both be names used.

Links to George  – This is a name that can also link with the Halloween card.

Links to Frank – I have not written this blog quite yet but here is an added link to the name Frank  from the stamp on the envelope of the Halloween Card.



2 thoughts on “Looking at the initials in the Zodiacs Halloween Card and what connections I made to find out what the initials actually stand for.

Add yours

  1. very interesting observation that you have made. I still believe that what you think is a cow brand, it really a crude drawing of Mt Diablo. The murder map that a man claiming to be Zodiac sent me .shows it as Mt Diablo. You have brought something to my attention that I couldn’t see in other pictures of that card. It is that the right eye has the letter T in it and that works for one of my suspects named Tony. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for the comment Sandy. One of the things I believe the Zodiac does is to use the same image or symbol to create a multi layered code. For instance in the Halloween card the the hand on the front of the card can be used in multiple ways to crack his code through a very long layered process. The hand can resemble the number 3 or 30, the shape of a b which can also resemble an F in sign language or the number 9 as well as the number 3.14, or the number 41. So the brand symbol may also represent the Mt Diablo. I think he made things similar on purpose.
      And as for the T in the eye, I also have a theory for that as well. This was only a very small portion of what I found in the Halloween Card itself. Though this blog was not written out in the chronological order that I found the full information within the card through the coded process. I found directions…they lead me to a place with a church where a boy had been killed by knife 6 months and one day before this Halloween Card had been received. The murder is still unsolved. The boys initials are T.B. Though I am not sharing that info here as of yet.
      I believe that the way this card is laid out that the zodiac is saying there are two people involved and the T in the eye is representative of the victim within the eye of the murderer.


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